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Rain gardens have many benefits for your yard and the environment

What if all of our neighborhoods incorporated stormwater that drains from the roof into the natural landscaping around our homes? Plants would be watered naturally, the groundwater recharged, and excessive curbing and stormwater systems could be eliminated. Instead of this modern, lackluster, concrete-filled, suburban environment, we could have flourishing ecosystems...
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July Newsletter 2014

LiveGreenLexington Games Awards Ceremony to be Held July 31st

The 2014 LiveGreenLexington Games Awards Ceremony will be held at Blue Stallion Brewing on Thursday, July 31st from 5-7pm. The awards ceremony is a great opportunity to network with other sustainably-minded folks in the Lexington business community. Read more

2014 LiveGreenLexington Games: Accolade Descriptions

Education Accolade

The education accolade recognizes organizations with a demonstrated dedication to community outreach and education on sustainability issues. Nominees should be engaged in impactful projects beyond their own organization, providing information, resources, and assistance to achieve greater sustainability in the broader community. Collaboration with other organizations is encouraged. 2013 Education Accolade...
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Elkhorn Creek Clean Up

Everybody loves Elkhorn Creek

Bluegrass Conservancy and Bluegrass Greensource are partnering for a Scott County creek clean-up. Are you looking for a fun way to make a difference with  your family this summer and play in...
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