Success Stories

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  • Visitors must agree to use recyclable products for events
  • Reminders in guests’ rooms to recycle
  • No Styrofoam
  • Reusable cups, cloth napkins, silverware, pie tins and bags
  • Biodegradable products


  • Permaculture garden fertilized by local horse manure and composted cardboard from mattress store.
  • Food is sold at roadside farmer’s market
  • Raises grass-fed beef which is sold to Marksbury Farm
  • Milk and flour for cooking comes from local producers
  • Hosts annual Field to Fork Festival offering workshops about organic gardening


  • Hangs up linens to dry in the basement which also acts as a humidifier
  • Allows campfire programs to sustainably harvest firewood off property
  • LED lights
  • Collects water from dehumidifier
  • Sky lights


Lancaster Express Lube feature(1)




  • Cardboard from oil boxes and other products
  • This saves money in waste hauling costs
  • Convenient collection spots for easy disposal by employees


  • Scrap metal from wiper blades, exhaust pipes, brakes and rims are collected to be reused or recycled into other metal products


  • Dirty oil from oil changes is collected and then used for heating the building
  • Provides all heating needs for the building and saves money