About our impact:

Our Mission: To empower the Bluegrass to create a sustainable environment. 

For 15 years, Bluegrass Greensource has worked to empower 20 counties in Central Kentucky to create a more sustainable environment. We do this by providing outreach, education, and resources to youth, adults, businesses, and community organizations. Our motto, “small changes, big impact,” reflects our core belief that every person in Central Kentucky can take the small steps today that will lead to big, positive changes in our shared environment. Whether those changes are through increased recycling, making a residence more energy efficient, installing a rain barrel or rain garden, or something else, Bluegrass Greensource provides the knowledge and know-how needed to get it done.


Our Impact from 2016:


With the end of 2016, Bluegrass Greensource finished another successful year of empowering individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout Central Kentucky to create a more sustainable environment. We are so proud to share our impact with you in this annual report!

Now, more than ever, credible environmental education is crucial for Central Kentucky’s future. Recent surveys from the Kentucky Environmental Education Council have shown that although 95% of Kentuckians think environmental education should be taught in our schools, only 55% can answer basic questions such as identifying where the majority of our electricity comes from or what a renewable source of energy is. The key to changing mindsets is creating an environmentally literate Central Kentucky, one where individuals have the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to foster a sustainable balance between human and natural systems. This is the goal of our work.

We know Central Kentuckians want to take actions to become more environmentally sustainable – our ability to impact people more than 100,000 times a year illustrates persistent demand for our services. But many more don’t know how, don’t have the tools or resources, or don’t believe they can make a di erence. Bluegrass Greensource works to remove barriers and equip individuals with the knowledge, power, and tools to create real change.

As I think about the impact numbers and the stories they tell, I am reminded of the broad support we have from individuals, regional businesses, foundations, and government partners. The number and geographical diversity of our supporters speaks to a regional belief and investment in the importance of environmental education and outreach. I am especially proud of this year’s Main Street Clean Sweep which empowered over 1,000 volunteers to clean up over 4 tons of litter on Earth Day, proving that many small actions can have a large impact in Central Kentucky.

Executive Director


Click below for our Annual Reports to learn more about Bluegrass Greensource’s impact in the Bluegrass.

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