Pack a Waste-Free Lunch

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It has been estimated that on average a disposable lunch generates 67 pounds of waste per year. Packing a waste free lunch will cut back on your waste consumption and disposal!

Do Pack:

• Reusable lunch bags or lunch box containers

• Sandwiches in reusable plastic or glass containers containers,

• Beverages in washable containers such as a thermos or reusable bottle; or recyclable containers, such as cans, glass or plastic bottles

• Snacks purchased in bulk and packaged in reusable containers or bags

• Whole fruits without packaging

• Cloth napkins

• Reusable utensils

Don’t Pack:

• Paper or plastic disposable lunch bags

• Plastic baggies that are not reusable

• Individually wrapped snacks, meals or desserts

• Juice boxes or pouches

• Disposable forks and spoons

• Paper napkins

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