Small Changes, Big Impact: Holiday Edition!

It’s no secret that the holidays can be a time for excess, but they don’t have to be! In fact, with a little effort, you can make your gift giving and decorating not only purposeful, but also waste-free. Check out these simple tips to celebrate the holiday season more sustainably:
πŸ’šTraditional wrapping paper cannot be recycled in Central Kentucky, so don’t use it! Grab some brown shipping paper which IS recyclable and channel your artistic side or have your little ones help you decorate it.
πŸ’šGive gifts that do not use batteries, or if they do, include rechargeable batteries with the present. Regular alkaline batteries are hard to recycle, but, once they no longer work, rechargeables can be recycled many places.
πŸ’šGift services instead of things. Cooking classes, pedicures, or an hour of house cleaning, are all ways to avoid another item in a landfill and provide local jobs.
πŸ’šMake or buy gifts made out of recycled material. There are so many ways to get creative and make something that is both thoughtful and eco friendly.
πŸ’šSupport local farmers and small businesses by shopping local for your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner groceries.

All Things Energy: Students Investigate the Science of Energy Through Interactive Lessons

Cookie mining is a fun and interactiveway for students to learn about the environmental impacts of mining. Through this activity, students can gain a deeper understanding of how mining can harm the environment and explore ways to minimize those impacts.
Solar Ovens: Students channel the sun’s energy to heat up solar ovens and make a snack!
Wind Turbines: Students investigate kinetic and potential energy, wind as a renewable resource, and the parts of wind turbines. Students design blades for wind turbines and test them for energy output produced.
Sunlight and Shadows: Preschool and primary students observe the effects of sunlight by comparing and measuring shadows and making bracelets that change color in the sun’s light.