Pet Waste

Pet waste pollutes our local water sources. Rainwater washes pet waste directly into Lexington’s storm sewers which then drain to streams. Seven of the nine watersheds in Fayette county contain streams with harmful bacteria in their waters. This bacteria is caused by pollutants like pet waste. Do your part by picking up after you pet. 

Decomposing pet waste uses up oxygen that fish and plants need.

Pet waste contains nutrients that encourage algae to grow in streams.

Pet waste contains bacteria and parasites that can be harmful to people and animals.

What can I do to help?

  • Always pick up your pet’s waste.
  • Carry a plastic bag when walking your pet so that you can dispose of pet waste properly. Some parks have pet waste stations with bags and trash cans that you can use.
  • Pet waste should be bagged and put in the green trash bin, not the blue recycling bin or the gray yard waste bin.
  • DO NOT compost or use pet waste as a garden fertilizer.

Information provided by Live Green Lexington.