Living Arts and Science Center
362 N. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Lexington, KY 40508

GreenFest is our annual celebration of sustainable living in the Bluegrass! Learn from local experts during workshops from 10am-3am, shop and support eco-friendly vendors, enjoy lunch from local food trucks, explore Habitat Earth during two showings at the planetarium, connect with community resources at educational booths with information about environmental opportunities, and learn about the sustainable features of The Living Arts and Science Center.

Interested in leading a Greenfest workshop, being a vendor, or sponsoring the event? Contact us to learn more!

$10.00 registration* lets you chose from over 12 workshops to attend and learn from experts in sustainability and green living PLUS access to over 20 vendors, 2 food trucks, kids activities, tours of Living Arts & Science Center, and two showings of Habitat Earth at the planetarium!

*$10 registration fee is only required if you want to attend the workshops.

2022 Event Sponsors



    Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW)

    Learn more about ways in becoming an outdoor woman! The Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) program is organized by KY Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources. It is an un-intimidating and informative introduction to all different outdoor activities like plant foraging, fishing, archery, hunting, fly fishing, outdoor cooking, shooting basic rifles (.22 caliber), and shotguns! This program is design for ladies to gain confidence in the outdoors all while being in a safe environment surrounded by other like-minded individuals!

    Presented by: Olivia Dangler

    Terry Foody – Author of The Pie Seller, the Drunk, and the Lady

    Historical and contemporary session covering the influencing factors & results of Lexington’s 1833 cholera epidemic, original water and sanitary sewer services, and the expansion challenges/civic responses to EPA stormwater suit.

    Presented by: Terry Foody

    Beneficial Insect Habitat For Your Yard

    Learn how to attract and protect beneficial insects in your landscape.

    Presented by: Dan Stever


    Sustainable Hunting

    In this session we will consider the use of hunting game as a sustainable practice that leads toward conservation and stewardship of resources. This will include a brief look at the history of hunting, legal requirements, how it can be positive for the environment and how to avoid the negative aspects of hunting as it relates to the environment.

    Presented by: Craig Caudill, Nature Reliance School

    LexTran Electric Bus Tour

    (Description coming soon!)

    Presented by: Emily Elliott

    80 Acres Farms – Vertical Farming

    Sustainable vertical farm focusing on clean healthy produce

    Presented by: Bill Haders



    We are so excited to have the following food vendors for this year’s festival!

    Amazing Gracie’s Food Truck: Southern Food & BBQ
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    Woke Junk Food Vegan: Vegan with a southern twist
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    Also don’t forget to take a tour of the Living Arts & Sciences Center during the lunch break to learn about all the facility’s sustainable features!


    Food Sovereignty Through Water Cycle Restoration

    Urban areas face numerous intersecting challenges related to climate adaptation and food access. Using permaculture design and guided by ecological indicators on the landscape, we can find opportunities for public infrastructure that restores native habitat while increasing the resiliency of dense population centers.

    Presented by: Nachie Braga, Geomancer Permaculture

    Electric Vehicle and EV Charger Advocacy

    How to promote the use of sustainable energy to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases.

    Presented by: EVOLVE KY

    Rainwater Harvesting

    The Rainwater Harvesting presentation will cover the design and construction of sustainable homes that obtain all their water from the rain.

    Presented by: Ezra Sword, Ezra Sword Designs


    Edible and Medicinal Plants, Foraging for Fun

    In this course we will take a look at the methods to get started on harvesting edible wild plants. This will include how to use book, digital and app resources along with some of the most common plants that are easy for anyone to get started.

    Presented by: Craig Caudill, Nature Reliance School

    LexTran Electric Bus Tour

    (Description coming soon!)

    Presented by: Emily Elliott

    Sustainable Growth

    We are a non-profit of citizens dedicated to achieving equitable, sustainable growth in Lexington-Fayette County through land-use advocacy, education, and research.

    Presented by: Natalie Appel


    Craig Caudill | Director, Nature Reliance School

    Craig Caudill is the Director of award winning Nature Reliance School. He is a certified Master Naturalist, lifelong hunter and professional wilderness skills instructor. He has taught programs for 15 different universities through annual wildlife management conclaves. He is a professional tracker and has taught wilderness skills in over 20 different states. His organization was awarded the Outstanding Business for Excellence in Environmental Education by the Kentucky Association for Environmental Education.

    Ezra Sword | Sustainable Home Designer, Ezra Sword Designs

    Ezra Sword earned his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008. Ezra Sword designs site-specific, sustainable homes.

    Nachie Braga | Head Thaumaturge, Geomancer Permaculture LLC

    Nachie Braga is an ecologist interested in how the complex patterns and processes found in nature can be applied towards resilience in human societies. As a permaculture designer he works with stakeholders to implement practical infrastructure projects that deepen our relationship with the landscape while empowering individuals to intervene in the world around them.

    Dan Stever | Senior Horticulturist, Lexington Lawn and Landscape

    Dan Stever has been in Lexington, KY since 2008. He has three degrees in horticulture with emphasis on sustainable design, entomology, plant pathology, and phytoremediation. Dan wrote the book, “Meet Me In The Garden” in 2012. He is currently the chair of the Lexington Tree Board and works at Lexington Lawn and Landscape.

    Terry Foody | RN, MSN, Speaker/Author

    Terry Foody, RN, MSN, Public Health Nurse, and Kentucky Humanities Speaker, was Project Coordinator for a LFUCG Stormwater Quality Grant, and is the author of The Pie Seller, the Drunk and The Lady: Heroes of the 1833 Cholera Epidemic in Lexington, Kentucky.

    Olivia Dangler | Conservation Educator, Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) Coordinator, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

    Olivia hasn’t always been an Outdoors Woman! She has always loved the outdoors but really has been expanding her knowledge (and confidence!) over the past few years. She went on my first deer hunt just a few years ago as an adult through attending a mentor hunt. She started working at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources about 7 years ago. She now helps to coordinate the Becoming an Outdoor Woman events and enjoys learning with participants to gain more knowledge in plant identification, bees, hunting, recreational shooting, archery and so much more.

    Join us in the Farish Planetarium for two showings of Habitat Earth. Showtimes to be announced soon!


    Trees Lexington! is a non-profit that works directly with community members and volunteers through tree plantings on public and private property, educational workshops, and seasonal tree giveaways. Guided by a group of dedicated tree advocates and top-notch arborists, the organization implements community-driven projects to forward our vision for a vibrant tree canopy for all of Lexington, now and in the future.

    So Yum Candle Company is a 100% hand-poured, soy wax candle company located in Berea, KY. We use fragrance oils in our candles that are free from carcinogens an phthalates. We pour our fragrant wax into a variety of vessels from the standard jars to wooden bowls as well as molds for wax warmers.

    Seedleaf is a community gardening organization that provides horticultural training and supports the practice of gardening and small scale farming in urban space.

    Fancy Hippie Handmade makes and sells a variety of body and self care products made from organic sustainable ingredients. They also make jewelry out of recycled and biodegradable materials.

    Wild Birds Unlimited is the original and largest franchise system of backyard bird feeding and nature specialty stores with more than 300 locations throughout the United States and Canada. WBU specializes in bringing people and nature together.

    Filament & Finery creates handmade jewelry from vintage and secondhand components.

    Good Foods Co-op is a cooperatively-owned grocery store and cafe specializing in local, organic and sustainable foods and wellness products

    Fayette Alliance is a non-profit of citizens dedicated to achieving equitable, sustainable growth in Lexington-Fayette County through land-use advocacy, education, and research.

    Evolve KY is a group of electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts with the desire to move our current boring state of driving forward – and fast. Their focus is on Electric Vehicle and EV Charger Advocacy.

    EARTHeim specializes in using native plants, eliminating invasive plants, and NOT using chemicals or gas powered tools. Practicing what they preach about proper care of plants, mulching properly, preserving soil structure and increasing biodiversity in the landscape.

    The Suds Barn & Boutique makes homemade products, soap, shampoo bars, recycled candles, and more.

    Ironweed Native Plant Nursery provides native plants for birds & pollinators such as wildflowers, grasses, vines, shrubs, trees.

    Elements of Self creates recycled/upcycled art creatures, baskets, and dragon crystal holders. Created out of different types of plastic and packing materials. I also use magazines and newspapers for the paper mache and eco friendly polyurethane

    80 Acres Farms uses super-efficient vertical farming techniques, growing as much food as eighty acres of traditional farmland, give or take a few pounds. Their new farms can produce much more, but their name guarantees they’ll never lose touch with their roots.

    Taproot Nursery, a part of Oakland Farm Trees (a Kentucky native tree nursery in Bourbon County), grows medicinal and culinary plants – ranging from annual, perennial, flowering, pollinator-loving, and more.