Water Quality

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Scott Southall, Action Team Lead

Meetings second Monday of each month, 4:30-5:30 pm

Notes from last meeting:


Green Neighbor

  • Paulette’s notes
    • Is the program yearly or a 1-and-done program?
    • It needs a cover page
  • David’s notes
    • Rain barrel vs. cistern scores
    • Maintenance of riparian buffer count for points or do you only get points for planting?
    • Needs categories/levels
      • Maybe a base score & growth award?
  • Levels lead to behavior change
  • Minimum level
  • Have a pilot group
    • Volunteers?
    • Recruit new Water Team members!
    • Write announcement for newsletter–Giulia
  • Timeframe for grading
    • Rolling date
  • Environmental impact metrics for whole program
  • Rain barrel points for every year
    • Same for other utilities installed for score
  • Level up by increasing their score by certain percentage
    • 10%?
    • Only 2 levels? And platinum level for over-achievers 🙂


  • Amy introduced the Green Neighbor program to the Team
  • Tennessee Smart Yards has a similar program
    • branded rain gauges
    • through University of Tennessee
    • ideas we can borrow?
  • Green Neighbor would be self-promoted
  • make Green Neighbor a kind of competition with a small prize like a rain barrel?
  • signage is important
    • Signage rotates through peoples’ yards like a prize? Then we don’t have to buy a bunch of signs.
  • David has great resources to contribute
  • Opportunity for public outreach
  • team up with Soil & Water?
  • Team members pilot the program
  • Team still has $500; what should we do with it?



  • next article
    • deadline 12th of each month
    • green infrastructure
    • showcase green infrastructure in region
      • Helix Garage permeable pavement
      • case study
      • August newsletter
    • don’t just focus on Lexington
  • scavenger hunt with photos of green infrastructure
    • stops at different BMPs based on newsletter articles
    • $ donate to local water nonprofit/charity of winner’s choice
  • if it’s on the ground, it’s in your water (litter)
    • #onewater
    • Commonwealth Water Education Project
    • 319 Project Grant
      • repurpose material from this?
      • can repurpose for outreach to local officials
    • could partner with KY Stormwater Association?
    • template with info that can be filled with local details by local officials
      • social media ads? for example
    • graphics from 319 Project may not be high quality because they’re from 2002
    • KY Water Waste Alliance is a good resource as well


  • newsletter article
    • write 1 article per quarter about green infrastructure
    • different green infrastructure or maintenance in each article
  • set concrete goals
    • targeted goals to roll out in the near future
    • assign people tasks to accomplish
      • organize by subject?
    • start meeting in person
    • research local officials
    • next meeting July 17th at 4:00 pm


  • Newsletter
    • Disposable masks & gloves are polluting water (inspired by environmental commission)
    • Publish in July?
    • Gather resources & key stakeholders in Google Doc
    • Educate about connection between litter & water
    • Lawn care?
    • Broad messaging
    • Themed?
    • Resources
    • Teach more with simple messaging
    • Highlight something that exists in Central KY
      • Rain garden
      • Other green infrastructure/BMPs
  • $500 Team budget for…? Perhaps stickers for a water quality campaign?


  • Identify community leaders to target
  • Come up with 1-2 concrete items to do as a small group to take to a small community
  • Lawn care
  • Graphics
    • Community water cycle
  • e-Newsletter
    • Water resources
    • Themes
      • Yard
      • Agriculture
  • Source water protection–Scott said he has graphics/a presentation
    • Play up public health in a positive way
  • Pull resource guide together
  • Pre-packing of materials for communities to use and put into their resources
  • Identify key stakeholders for newsletter
    • Send quarterly–start in June?
    • Stormwater Conference–piggyback/partner on someone else–for future, pan annually
  • Next meeting (May 28th, 2-3 pm) homework:
    • Add resources to Google Doc


  • Outreach to local officials
    • Maps for survey and supplemental information tailored to each community
  • Natural resource appreciation is up right now
  • Survey for local officials to get their input?
  • Quality of life issues–>water quality is important
  • We’re all starved for connection to nature
  • Not everyone has access to clean water
  • What do we mean by “water quality”?
  • #1water
    • Drinking water & waste water & storm water are all connected
  • “Human water cycle” graphic to get the point across
  • “A common message” for communication
  • MS4: Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System
    • Different in different communities
  • Fertilizer is an issue
    • Change the idea of the perfect lawn
  • Messaging needs to be simple
    • Use different language for different communities
  • Next meeting (May 1st, 2-3 pm), discuss:
    • Game plan
    • Outreach