Green Force

What is Green Force?

Now is your chance to become a Green Force volunteer, or to learn about some hot topics in sustainability! Green Force is a seven-week sustainability crash course open to the public. Everyone is welcome to attend the sessions. Participants interested in becoming Green Force volunteers commit to attending at least four of the seven sessions and volunteering at one of our events this fall. There will be six topics covered ranging from Waste Management to Sustainable Business Practices. Bluegrass Greensource staff will be leading the sessions, and sessions will be held virtually through Google Hangouts.
Green Force Volunteers will lead other volunteers in BGGS volunteer opportunities such as storm drain stenciling and litter pick-ups. They will also represent BGGS at tabling events and be our “first-responder” volunteers when a need arises. Become a part of us when you become a Green Force Volunteer.
Just want to learn about sustainability, and don’t have time to volunteer? Then Green Force is still for you! EVERYONE is welcome to learn!

Can I come just to learn about a topic in sustainability I care about? Absolutely! We encourage anyone and everyone to take the crash course who’s interested in sustainability.

What are the requirements to become Green Force certified? Those who are interested in becoming a Green Force Volunteer must attend four sessions, including one of the “Intro to BGGS” sessions (3/24 and 4/14), in addition to volunteering with BGGS at least once between March 24th and May 16th.  Potential Green Force Volunteers must also fill out an application and be able to pass a background check.

How much is admission for the crash course? This is a free environment education opportunity.

What are some of the responsibilities of Green Force Volunteers? Green Force Volunteers will be our leading volunteers who guide novice volunteers in activities such as Main Street Clean Sweep, GreenFest, Litter Clean-Ups, Storm Drain Stenciling, Tabling, and Tree Planting. Green Force Volunteers will also be the “first responders” when we need volunteers for a project. For example, occasionally groups will ask for volunteer work to do with BGGS. Provided we have a project ready for them to do, a Green Force Volunteer will represent BGGS with the volunteer group and will guide them through the project. Or, if a volunteer opportunity is provided to us through a third party, the Green Force will be the first volunteers asked to represent BGGS at the opportunity.

Still have questions? Email us here!