Main Street Clean Sweep

Main Street Clean Sweep (MSCS) is our annual community-led litter cleanup in participating cities and towns throughout Central Kentucky. Volunteers gather to pick up and dispose of litter in their communities to help create a sustainable bluegrass. Note that this event is ALWAYS widely attended. MSCS encourages community engagement, pride in place, and beautifies the downtown areas of the cities and towns involved. By participating in this event you will boost support for local businesses. MSCS may seem like a simple litter cleanup, but small changes make a big impact.  Because we know this to be true, clean-up events are held rain or shine. We hope to see you there!

Social distancing and masks will be enforced at all cleanups to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Volunteers must stay six feet apart for the duration of the event. 

2021 Cleanup Events

First Baptist ChurchApril 8th @ 1:00pm 

Hammond Creek Dog Park – April 21st @ 2:00pm

1113 Main Street MillersburgApril 17th @ 10:30am

Farmer’s Market at Constitution SquareMay 1st @ 10:ooam

Winchester City Hall   April 22nd 11:00am

Charles Young CenterApril 11th @ 2:00pm

Wolfe Run Creek at Valley ParkApril 17th @ 9:00am

Lafayette High SchoolApril 18th @ 10:00am

Innovation Drive April 20th @ 11:00am

Keep Lexington Beautiful, Reservoir #4April 20th @ 2:00pm

Cane Run Creek at Coldstream Park – April 24th @ 10:00am–POSTPONED TO APRIL 25TH @ NOON

Masterson Station CreekApril 24th @ 10:00am

Downtown (321 W. Main)April 22nd @ 11:30am

Riverview ParkApril 22nd @ 11:30am 

State Farm 245 Lexington St. LancasterApril 22nd @ 10:00am

H.C. Courthouse Main Street –  April 22nd @ 5:00pm

Chamber OfficeApril 22nd @ 2:00pm

Front of the Chamber of Commerce of Commerce Across from the Lincoln County Courthouse April 17th @ 9:00am 

Downtown Richmond – April 23rd @ 12:00pm

Lions Community Center CarportApril 23rd @ 2:00pm

Mount SterlingApril 24th @ 8:00am

City Hall – April 23rd @ 11:00am

Stargazer Plaza April 20th @ 8:00am

Overlook Deck (Downtown Versailles)April 17th @ 9:00am 

Estimated Number of Volunteers

Local community leaders are responsible for recruiting volunteers within their city. If you would like for your school, club, or business to be involved in this year’s MSCS send an email to, and we will get back to you ASAP.

For those of you who have already contacted us, the deadline to send in the agreement form for MSCS 2021 has been extended to March 19th. The deadline for the community sponsor form and payment is March 25th.

2020 Stats

459 volunteers came to sites around Central Kentucky to clean up their communities. 
16 locations in 14 counties hosted volunteers and facilitated the event.
578 bags were collected across Central Kentucky at Main Street Clean Sweep events. 
An estimated 7,225 pounds of litter were removed from our communities last year!


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