Home Energy Workshops

Thanks to our partners at MACED, Kentucky State University, Global Lex, our state cooperative extension offices, and the many other community groups that we have worked with. We have reached nearly 300 people through 11 workshops. We’re taking a short break, but hope to be back with more this fall!

Join us for free workshops that give you the tools to help learn simple energy-saving tips. This hands-on workshop will give you the skills you need to protect  your home against high energy bills. Workshops will include refreshments, as well as childcare for children ages 4+ and up. Each participant will receive a free home energy starter kit that includes 4 LED bulbs, a caulk gun and two tubes of caulk, a low-flow shower head, two sink aerators, and a power strip.

Workshops are offered in English and Spanish.

Workshops are made possible by environmental justice grants provided by the EPA.