Community Outreach

Bluegrass Greensource is committed to working with families and individuals across central Kentucky. We work in over 20 counties, offering free workshops on a variety of topics.


Home Energy Workshops

Join us for free workshops to learn simple, energy-saving tips that will save you money and make your home more comfortable this winter. This hands-on workshop will give you the skills you need to protect your home against high energy bills.


Pollination Gardens

Pollination gardens are a great way to increase habitat for pollinators, like bees and butterflies. Check out this link to learn more about what pollinators do for our ecosystems and how to install a garden in your own backyard!


Rain Barrel Workshops

Rain barrel workshops are offered throughout the year. Check out our events for upcoming sessions!


Rain Garden Workshops

A rain garden is a garden with a shallow depression that captures runoff from impervious surfaces, such as rooftops, patios, driveways, and parking lots, before it enters the storm water system. Learn more about how you can build your own rain garden at home!


Recycling Case Studies

Contamination in our recycling is a constant issue in Lexington and nationwide. Learn more about how you can participate in waste audits to improve your recycling efforts.


Riparian Buffer Workshops

A Riparian Buffer Zone is a vegetated strip or zone along a stream that protects the stream from impacts of our land use. A healthy riparian zone consists of a combination of trees, grasses, shrubs, and perennials. Click here to learn more about funding options and events for future workshops


Septic Care Workshops

Did you know that a failing septic system can require expensive repairs, pose a serious health risk to your family and neighbors, and have negative impacts on water quality? Check out our list of upcoming workshops and gain the tools to take better care of your septic system. By attending a workshop, you may learn if you’re eligible for financial assistance.


Watershed Improvement Program

The Clarks Run, Hanging Fork , and Hinkston Creek Watershed Improvement Program is designed to improve water quality in the focus watersheds through implementation of the watershed-based plans (WBP) for Clarks Run and Hanging Fork watersheds, both in the Kentucky River Basin, and Hinkston Creek watershed in the Licking River Basin. The main goal of the program is to reduce human and livestock fecal inputs, increase and improve riparian buffer areas to reduce erosion, sedimentation, and nutrient loading in streams, and decrease other non-point source pollutants from urban and agricultural stormwater runoff.