What You Can Do

You can make a difference! Small changes in your everyday life can make a positive impact in your community and environment. With your help, Central Kentucky will have a sustainable future. Here are some areas where you can start.


Waste and Recycling

Waste is any material that is eliminated or discarded as no longer useful. Packaging, office supplies, food scraps, old clothes – all that and much more winds up in landfills every day. The average American produces 7 and a half pounds of waste a day; here are some ways to bring those numbers down at home and at work.


Water Quality and Conversation

All life needs clean, healthy water to thrive, and every drop that comes out of your faucet, flows down your drains, and runs off your property makes a difference. From storm drains to streams, every person plays a role in creating a community that cares for and conserves its water.


Energy Efficiency

Good for the planet and good for your wallet…energy efficiency is a win-win! With the majority of our energy still coming from fossil fuels, eliminating energy waste means reducing your carbon footprint – something that we all need to do. It also reduces your bills every month; when you waste less, you use less, and the less you use, the less you pay.



Trees provide countless ecological, economic, and aesthetic benefits. Planting and caring for trees in your yard or neighborhood can make your ecological and personal community a better place!



Bluegrass GreenForce is more than a volunteer program. It is an opportunity for you to be trained on important environmental issues, lead stream clean-ups and storm-drain stenciling events, collaborate with our education and outreach staff, educate the community at community events, and implement your own ideas for greening Central Kentucky.