Our motto, “small changes, big impact,” reflects our core belief that every person in Central Kentucky can take the small steps today that will lead to big, positive, sustainable changes in our local environment.

Mission, Vision and Values

Bluegrass Greensource provides environmental education, resources and outreach that inspires, equips and empowers Central Kentuckians with knowledge and tools to help ensure clean, healthy and enjoyable environments for future generations.

Vision Statement

Central Kentuckians are motivated and empowered to create a sustainable Bluegrass.


  • We believe that all people have the ability to create positive environmental change.
  • We believe every person should have access to a healthy environment.
  • We believe in innovative and inclusive environmental education.
  • We believe in collaborative and action-oriented solutions.
  • We believe in working together to keep our air, land and water clean and free from pollution while creating beautiful and harmonious living environments.