Green Neighbor

What is the Green Neighbor program?

The goal of the Green Neighbor Certification Program is to encourage homeowners in Central Kentucky to participate in environmentally friendly practices in their own backyard by providing the resources and recognizing their efforts.

How does the certification work?

Participants complete action items under several categories, including lawn care, plant installation, wildlife, and water quality and conservation on the Green Neighbor Score Card. These actions add up to create a lasting impact on communities in Central Kentucky by improving lawn health, reducing the amount of yard waste sent to landfills, providing habitat for native species, and reducing the amount of pollutants in the water.

Where can I apply to be certified as a Green Neighbor?


Homeowners can apply by either completing an online application or printing a document to fill in by hand and send to Bluegrass Greensource. Participants check off the actions they have completed at their home and select two actions they plan to complete within the next year. Each action has a point value associated with it based on the degree to which it positively impacts the environment and the difficulty of implementing it. Once participants have completed enough actions to earn a minimum score of 30, they are eligible to receive a certificate and a sign for their yard. Certificates will be offered free of charge if certified, and signs can be purchased. Pricing for yard signage coming soon!

Interested in sponsoring the Green Neighbor Certification Program?
Sponsorship opportunities and more info coming soon!