Scott County/Georgetown Stormwater

Water Quality in Scott County, KY

Recently, we compiled a list of resources for maintaining stormwater quality in Scott County/Georgetown, KY. Click on the links below to learn about stormwater quality and about ways you can help to improve it. See below to learn about the rain barrel drawing we’re doing on July 31st!

Click here to learn all about Scott County Water Quality, from its history to the challenges it faces today.

Have you been following us on social media lately? You may have heard about our Water Wednesday posts on Facebook. Click here to catch up on past posts, and give us a follow to learn more about stormwater quality!

In May 2020, we hosted a three-part webinar series which focused on ways you can help improve water quality in your area. Click here to learn about riparian buffers, rain gardens, and sustainable lawn care!

Click here if you want to learn more about what you can do to protect stormwater in your area!