Energy Programs and Resources

Lexington, KY has many different assistance programs and resources that are related to energy efficiency and weatherization. The programs listed vary to assist different income levels and have different modes of assistance. Check out the list of programs and see if you could benefit from any of the following.

Kentucky Weatherization Assistance Program (WX) »

The Weatherization Assistance Program is the nation’s largest residential energy efficiency program. Trained inspectors and crews with state of the art equipment aim to reduce the cost of energy for low income families. The mission of the Kentucky Weatherization Assistance Program is to improve energy efficiency, household safety, and to educate the public about maintaining energy efficiency. You can apply for weatherization assistance through Community Action Kentucky at their office. To apply you need: SSN#’s for all family members, income verification for everyone over 18 residing in the home, Columbia Gas account number, and KY utilities account number.

Office: 913 Georgetown St. Lexington, KY 40508

“WECARE” Residential Low-Income Weatherization Program »

This KU program is designed to create savings through weatherization and energy education to help income-eligible customers in need. The WeCare program helps provide more efficient, safe, and comfortable homes. When homes are not properly maintained or weatherized as well as they could be, it takes more energy to heat or cool a home. To pinpoint areas that could use improvement, many WeCare participants receive a walk-through inspection and energy education. Customers receive a furnace and water heater system inspection and some may also receive air sealing and attic insulation. Because it’s often difficult to make the necessary repairs to save energy, KU works with Community Action Agencies to identify customers who are heavy users of energy and help them find ways to reduce their energy consumption.

WinterCare »

The WinterCare Energy Fund was established in Kentucky in 1983, when local community action agencies and local utility companies partnered up to help address the needs of low-income Kentuckians to heat their homes. The program helps individuals that cannot be assisted through other heating programs but demonstrate financial need. This innovative program also gives residential utility customers the opportunity to help low income families simply by contributing through their monthly bill. In most cases, the utility matches that tax-deductible contribution before sending it to WinterCare.

 Lexington Appliance Pickup Recycling »

Residents who have city waste collection can request free pickup of a variety of household appliances including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, and more. Fayette county residents may also drop off appliances to the Environmental Recycling Inc. Unaccepted electronics like computers, microwaves, and televisions can be taken to the Electronic Recycling Center.   

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) »

This federal program helps provide heating assistance to over 100,000 families in Kentucky each year. It operates in two components: The Subsidy component and the Crisis Component. Subsidy assistance offers participants a one-time credit to their utility bill and is available from November through mid-December. Crisis assistance offers participants who have received a disconnection notice (who are within four days of running out of home heating fuel) payment of their utility bill with a co-pay requirement.

Emergency Utility Bill Assistance

 Many organizations in Lexington KY provide emergency financial assistance on utility bills. While the energy audit kit may provide lower utility costs next month, do not hesitate to call these organizations for immediate assistance for high utility bills:

  • Community Action Council: (859)233-4600
  • Catholic Charities: (859)253-3339
  • Lexington Rescue Mission: (859)368-8057
  • Salvation Army: (859)252-7706

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