LEX for Good, Sustainability

Bluegrass Greensource, in partnership with VisitLEX, is piloting a green certification program for the hospitality industry of Lexington. LEX for Good,  Sustainability is working hard to showcase Lexington as a Green Destination Leader. BGGS and VisitLEX have outlined sustainable practices and goals set forth for each business to work towards in their sustainability journey. The program will provide green business leaders with a scorecard-based certification, resource library, trainings, and networking opportunities to improve green practices both at the individual level and city-wide scale. The program is to be piloted by June of 2024. Learn more about LEX for Good, Sustainability and other VisitLEX programming.

Coming Soon... UK Sustainable Office Certification Program

Coming Soon… Bluegrass Greensource and the University of Kentucky will be  developing a Sustainable Office Certification (SOC) program. The program will provide resources and scorecard-based programming that encourages faculty and staff to pursue more sustainable practices in their office settings.

Customizable Certification Programming

Are you interested in a green certification program for your business? If our current programming does not fit your business or if you are interested in a custom program for your area, Bluegrass Greensource can help! Having managed environmental scorecard programming for over 8 years, BGGS staff is well versed in how to adapt a program to your needs. Please contact Rachel Skinner at rachel.skinner@bggreensource.org to learn more.

2024 Green Business Innovation Forum

Bluegrass Greensource’s inaugural Green Business Innovation Forum will allow businesses big and small to spend a day diving deep into the essential topics of renewable energy, waste management, and sustainability strategy. With a blend of insightful keynotes, engaging panels, and interactive breakout sessions, there’s plenty of knowledge to soak up. And with networking opportunities, a range of vendors to explore, and even lunch thrown in, it’s not just about learning – it’s about connecting, discovering, and innovating.

CLICK HERE for more information regarding the event and registration.

Business Lunch N Learns

Presentations can be held as Lunch & Learns, event presentations, at general meetings, or whatever your business needs may be. Topics include, but are not limited to; recycling, energy efficiency, water quality, and sustainable purchasing.

Green Event Planning

BGGS will create a self-serve guide for designing sustainable events. The
completed guide(s) will include information on reducing waste (composting,
recycling and material reduction), saving energy and carbon offsets, local food
resources and more. The guide will be designed to be used by event planners
without consultation with BGGS. Separate guides for indoor events and outdoor
events are recommended.

Waste Audits

A recycling waste audit can be performed to assess the quality of recycling efforts by your business.

Volunteer Opportunities

Bluegrass Greensource is always looking for volunteers for various events. If your business is interested in participating in or hosting an environmental community service event, we can help coordinate. Please contact Rachel Skinner at rachel.skinner@bggreensource.org for more information.

For more information, contact our Business Outreach Coordinator, Rachel Skinner, at rachel.skinner@bggreensource.org.