Septic Care Program and Workshops

Do You Live in a Home with a Septic System?

As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your septic system. If properly designed, constructed, and maintained, your septic system can provide long-term effective treatment of household wastewater. However, a failing septic system can require expensive repairs, pose a serious health risk to your family and neighbors, and have negative impacts on groundwater and nearby streams, rivers, and lakes.

Septic Care Workshops

Workshop Participants will learn how septic systems work and how to properly maintain them to prevent expensive repairs.  Participants may qualify for financial assistance for a septic pumpout, repair, replacement, or installation: information and applications will be provided at the meeting. You must attend the workshop to be eligible for funding assistance.

Upcoming Workshops

Stay tuned for upcoming workshop dates for Summer 2022!

Clarks Run, Hanging Fork, and Hinkston Creek Watershed Improvement Program

This program includes implementation of the watershed-based plans (WBP) for Clarks Run and Hanging Fork Watersheds of the Dix River Watershed and the Hinkston Creek Watershed Assessment and Management Plan through outreach, education, and activities that address high bacteria levels and inadequate streamside (riparian) buffer zones. Program objectives include reducing human and livestock fecal inputs, increasing riparian buffer width, reducing urban runoff, increasing knowledge of water quality issues for local citizens, officials, K-12 students, and collaborating with county partners to provide input and support for implementing activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Septic Funding Assistance Opportunities?

Applications Available for Workshop Participants:

  • Free septic tank pumpout and riser installation, if necessary
  • 80/20 cost-share grants for septic system repairs, replacements, or installation in straight pipe conditions

How do I know if I am Eligible for Funding?

  • Reside within the Hinkston Creek, Clarks Run, or Hanging Fork watershed; click here and scroll down to the watershed maps to see if you live in one of the eligible watersheds
  • Attend a septic care workshop hosted by Bluegrass Greensource
  • Submit a signed “Application for Septic Pumpout Program” or “Application for Septic System Repair Program”

When is the next Septic Care Workshop in my area?

Our next round of septic care workshops will be held in Summer 2022 – dates TBA.

Who should I contact with questions?

Alli Johnson
Community Outreach Coordinator

Why is Proper Maintenance Important?

  • Leaking/failing systems deliver raw sewage (wastewater) into our watersheds, endangering people and livestock in the area with increased bacteria and pathogen inputs into waterways. There are many serious health issues that can occur from coming into contact with untreated septic waste.
  • Proper maintenance is essential to keeping your system working efficiently, therefore protecting the environment and maintaining the value of your home.

Click below for The Kentucky Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems

Contact your County Health Department Environmentalist for more information on Septic Systems and Licensed Pumpers and Installers

Click HERE (for The Kentucky Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems

This program, funded by a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency through Kentucky Division of Water, focuses on water quality improvements in the Hinkston Creek, Clarks Run and Hanging Fork watersheds. To be eligible for grants, homeowners must reside within the Hinkston Creek watershed in Bourbon, Nicholas, or Montgomery County or within the Clark Run or Hanging Fork watersheds in Boyle or Lincoln County.