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Bluegrass Greensource educators provide environmental education in 20 counties in central Kentucky, working with Pre-K through 12th Grade Programming.

Bluegrass Greensource (BGGS) offers environmental education programs for preschool through high school students. Educators facilitate standards-based classroom lessons focused on water quality, energy, recycling, plants, animals, and more!

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Meet our educators

Rachel Patton

Environmental Educator

Rachel is an Environmental Educator for Bluegrass Greensource. Rachel graduated from Transylvania University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. In addition to her classes at Transylvania, Rachel coordinated litter cleanups of the surrounding area and spent many hours in local schools. She has worked at the Lexmark Center for Children and in Fayette County Public Schools with elementary school students. Rachel enjoys spending her free time kayaking and hiking with her husband and dog.

Pony Meyer

Zuri Earl

Environmental Educator

Zuri is a bilingual Environmental Educator here at Bluegrass Greensource. She has a diverse background in education, working in Montessori classrooms and with Fayette County Public Schools. Her time teaching abroad in Guatemala honed her Spanish skills and exposed her to a community that works in harmony with nature. Her time working at Jefferson Memorial Forrest in Louisville, KY inspired her to enter the environmental nonprofit sector and she’s excited to plant the seeds of environmentalism in the next generation. In her free time you’ll find her hiking nearby trails, channeling her creative energy into DIY projects, and singing in a local band on weekends.

Pattie Stivender

Education Director

Pattie Stivender is the Education Director working with pre K – 12 schools and also coordinates community outreach activities and volunteer opportunities. Pattie attended Eastern Kentucky University where she majored in Occupational Therapy. Pattie developed a passion for nurturing the environment as a young child watching television! The Crying Indian PSA developed by Keep America Beautiful opened her eyes to the negative impact that humans can have on the earth. Litter cleanups are some of her favorite activities. Contact Pattie with questions about environmental education in area schools, or to schedule an event in Fayette County.

For more information:

Pattie Stivender
859.266.1572, ext. 226.