Resource Library

Bluegrass Greensource has a library of classroom materials, books, and other resources available for teachers and community members to check out. Resources may be checked out for a maximum of two weeks. Contact for additional information.

Classroom Environmental Kits

The environmental kits contain resources and activities grouped together by topic.

Animal Pelts

  • Set of 12 animal pelts including coyote, deer, and beaver pelts.

Animal Skulls and Skeletons

  • Set of 22 animal skulls and skeletons including beaver, bobcat, and bald eagle skulls.

Animal Tracks and Signs

  • Track and scat replicas from wildlife including black bears, raccoons, and opposums.


  • Set of books all about birds, egg replicas (American Robin and Eastern Bluebird), bird skull replicas (4), and more.

Early Childhood Birds Kit

  • Books, materials, ID guide, and bird beak activity for preschool classrooms.

Early Childhood Outdoor Kit

  • Materials for preschool students to explore the outdoors. Contains 24 jumbo magnifiers, nets, and mini clipboards, as well as ready-to-use scavenger hunt games, field guides, a critter case, 5 sets of binoculars, and more.

Early Childhood “Wonders of Wind” kit

    • Books, activity, anemometers, as well as scarves, wind socks, and streamers for preschoolers to use in wind investigations.


  • Set of books, activity guides, and materials for discovering trees. Contains tree cookie, compasses, tape measures to measure tree diameters, and more.


  • Resource and activity books, hand tools, plant life cycle models, soil test kit and more to help with school gardens.


  • Preserved macroinvertebrate specimens, including a crayfish, dragonfly larvae, and leech! This kit also includes ID keys for macroinvertebrates.


  • Soil testing kit, soil sifting boxes, magnifiers, soil samples, books and more.¬†

Stream Tables

  • Classroom set of mini stream table kits for experimenting with and observing erosion.

Stream Walk

  • Kit for a stream study, including flashcards for identification of salamanders, frogs and toads, macroinvertebrates, and turtles. The stream walk kit also includes 5 small nets, bug viewers, a turbidity tube, books and more.

Tree I.D.

  • Identification kits for leaves, seeds, and twigs. Also contains a class set of field guides, leaf rubbing plates, leaf stencils, and tree cookies.

Environmental book sets

The environmental kits contain resources and activities grouped together by topic.


Creature Life Cycles


Environmental Issues

Go Green

Landforms and Natural Resources


Plants and Trees




Wetlands and Aquatic Systems

Class sets of the same book:

Sand County Almanac 

Why Should I Recycle?

Why Should I Bother About the Planet?

Other Resources

  • Biltmore Sticks
  • Microscopes
  • Water Test Materials
  • Watershed Enviroscape
  • Karst Model Display
  • Litter Pickers
  • Nets
  • Boots *must be cleaned prior to return
  • Infrared Camera
  • Energy Audit Kit
  • Shovels and rakes
  • Garden trowels and gloves
  • Blue Traveler (Learning activity that explores the movement of water through the natural and manmade environment.)
  • Incredible Journey (Learning activity that explores the movement of water through the natural water cycle.)