Bluegrass Greensource is excited to announce extensions to our existing energy programs. Thanks to funding from the Office of Energy Policy we are offering four new energy related programs.

Energy Efficiency Workshops
Bluegrass Greensource will be leading 10 energy efficiency workshops in Central Kentucky. Participants will learn from experts in the field of energy and will receive materials to help their homes be more energy efficient. Educational materials and energy efficiency materials will be provided to 250 households.

Junior Green Living Labs
Bluegrass Greensource will build on its very successful Green Living Lab adult series and offer weekend “Mommy (or Daddy) and Me” workshops that focus on Energy for the Central Kentucky Region. BGGS staff will lead six two-hour sessions designed to engage preschool age learners and their parents in hands-on energy activities. BGGS will take our Junior Green Living Labs on the road, leading two different workshops in three counties. Each lab will feature several learning activities, an age-appropriate energy themed book reading, and a snack. The activities will be created to help parents understand Kentucky’s energy systems while also engaging preschool learners through readings, and hands-on activities. All participants will leave with a copy of the book and the materials related to their hands-on activity. Up to 20 participants can participate in each lab.

Preschool Energy Curriculum
Over the past few years, Bluegrass Greensource has developed a robust preschool program. This year we will expand our focus to include energy education. Our education staff will work with a preschool education advisory committee to develop an energy curriculum that will follow state and national early childhood education standards. All lessons will include extensions that enhance student academic, physical, and social development. The teacher advisory committee will evaluate and pilot the curriculum. BGGS looks forward to sharing the curriculum next year!

Science Fair Preparation
Bluegrass Greensource will work with one grade level to provide energy education and science fair preparation. All students in this program will attend a presentation on the history of energy in Kentucky and will participate in a hands-on energy activity. A select group of students will participate in additional sessions where educators will guide them through all the steps of scientific investigation while conducting energy-related science fair experiments. This program will provide all supplies needed to complete experiments and will provide assistance throughout the process.