Learning About the Past, Present, and Future of Coal Mining

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Over one-hundred students, teachers, and parents from Central Kentucky schools visited Harlan County to learn about Kentucky’s main energy source: coal.  The trip was the culmination of six months of studying about energy resources and their differing environmental impacts. The fourth-grade students travelled around Benham and Lynch, two communities that have been significantly influenced by […]


Watershed Improvements–Financial Assistance Available for Septic

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By: Lindsie Nicholas, Watershed Coordinator, Bluegrass Greensource Did you know that a failing septic system can require expensive repairs, pose a serious health risk to your family and neighbors, and have negative impacts on water quality? Leaking/failing systems deliver raw sewage into our watersheds, endangering people and livestock in the area with increased bacteria (E. […]

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Minglewood – Plastic Sucks

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  By Noel Osborn, Outreach Specialist, Bluegrass Greensource  Five hundred million plastic drinking straws are used each day in the United States. That’s 182.5 billion straws each year. Because plastic straws are not recyclable, they eventually end up in our landfills, as litter on our streets, or clogging our streams and waterways. One block of Lexington restaurants and bars […]