By: BGGS Water Quality Action Team

The Lexington Parking Authority in collaboration with CDP Engineers are proud to announce the completion of a stormwater treatment system in the Helix Garage. Last year, Lexington Parking was awarded an LFUCG Stormwater Grant for the project which had a proposed cost of $300,000, with LPA paying 20% of the final cost. The goal of the treatment system is to capture and treat most of the runoff from the garage that contains oils, greases, chemicals, and road salts.

Prior to the installation of the treatment system this runoff emptied directly into Town Branch. Now, the polluted water is routed through two oil/water separator tanks which filter out impurities before it is released into the Town Branch. The visible element of the treatment system is a new area of vividly colored permeable concrete at the center of the helix exit ramp. This area filters rainwater through a limestone gravel base layer before sending it to the second oil/water separator for additional treatment. This element replaced an area of exiting concrete and soil with a functional design feature thus adding to the overall aesthetic of the helix. (See photo below.)

This project allowed Lexington Parking to upgrade the existing garage AND improve the water quality of the stormwater released to the historic and culturally significant Town Branch watershed. Lexington Parking is a leader in the community with its commitment to improve our water quality. Lexington’s Stormwater Quality Projects Incentive Grant Program is entering its tenth year of funding projects to reduce stormwater runoff, improve water quality and educate citizens about water issues in Lexington. Applications and more information about the program can be found at: