Increasing residential sustainability has been one of the primary goals at Bluegrass Greensource since its inception in 2001. This goal serves a double purpose in that it not only benefits the environment, but also offers additional incentives for homeowners looking to save money on utility expenses. But what happens for the thousands of Lexington/Fayette County residents who live in apartments and lack the ability or resources to implement such changes on their own?

Often times the responsibility for increasing sustainability and educating residents falls on the shoulders of apartment managers where the prospect of making substantial changes with limited time and resources can seem rather daunting. Fortunately, this is where Bluegrass Greensource comes into play as a valuable resource for supplying apartment managers with the education and tools they need to become more sustainable.

Recently, Bluegrass Greensource has partnered with the Greater Lexington Apartment Association (GLAA) to provide resources and education to apartment managers about easy to implement, sustainable practices that can help reduce their financial bottom line and increase livability for residents, all while helping the planet. This approach to sustainability, known as the Triple Bottom Line (Profit, People, Planet), was the focus of a recent presentation by Bluegrass Greensource Outreach Staff at the GLAA September General Membership Meeting on September 22nd.

Outreach Specialists Rob Gates and Bridget Abernathy spoke to a crowd of 60+ GLAA members, representing properties throughout Lexington and Fayette County, about the many ways sustainable initiatives can benefit a property’s triple bottom line by minimizing costs, attracting clientele, and gaining a competitive advantage among other properties. The presentation covered a wide array of topics ranging from energy/water conservation, energy efficient purchasing and retrofitting, running a successful recycling program, urban landscaping, proper FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) disposal, as well as potential rebates and resources available for implementing such measures.

With all the options available it can be difficult, and somewhat overwhelming, to know where to begin when deciding what sustainable goals are right for each property. Because of this, it is important to note that even small changes can add up over time to make a substantial difference in increasing a property’s sustainability, with the first step being to engage and encourage residents to adopt sustainable practices themselves. Thankfully Bluegrass Greensource is available to help property managers assess their current state of sustainability, identify potential areas of improvement, and provide the resources and expertise required to develop a plan of action to set and achieve attainable goals.

If you are a property manager, or a resident who would like to see your apartment complex become more sustainable, please feel free to contact Rob or Bridget with any additional questions.