Become a Bluegrass Greensource Ambassador

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Bluegrass Greensource Ambassadors serve as representatives of Greensource at assigned outreach and education events.  These may include community fairs and festivals, neighborhood events, farmers markets, watershed festivals, etc.  We are focusing on two main areas at this time:

Zero Waste team members to assist at outreach events.  This may include coordinating with event planners and/or assisting at events.

Children’s outreach events.  Volunteers will work with Bluegrass Greensource staff to offer educational activities geared toward children.

Volunteers must demonstrate an ability to conduct themselves in a professional manner, willingness to learn details of Bluegrass Greensource’s programs and educational activities, and comfort communicating with the general public.

Bluegrass Greensource Ambassadors will be expected to attend a mandatory training that will cover Bluegrass Greensource’s programs and educational activities.

Interested in volunteering?  For additional information please contact Pattie Stivender, Volunteer Coordinator, at (859)266-1572 or


Bluegrass Greensource Ambassador Program

Volunteer Photo

Bluegrass Greensource Ambassador Program

Do you have skills that aren’t being utilized?  Do you enjoy meeting new people?  Are you itching to share a craft?   Volunteering is an excellent way to utilize your skills, crafty or otherwise, while meeting new people!

Why Volunteer?

There are many benefits to volunteering with Bluegrass Greensource:

  • Build your skills and your resume
  • Develop a career network
  • Enhance your education
  • Learn job skills
  • Be a part of your community
  • Create positive change in your community
  • Learn about Lexington

A Bluegrass Greensource Ambassador represents our outreach and education programs. Some possible volunteer opportunities may include community fairs and festivals, neighborhood events, farmers markets, watershed festivals, etc.  Other volunteer opportunities may include serving on our zero-waste team or helping to plan and participate in litter cleanups.

Nonprofit organizations can be the driving force behind social change. Everything from local, grassroots activism to international politics requires the efforts of nonprofit organizations. And nonprofits can’t function without the energy and input of volunteers like you.  Create a positive change in our community, volunteer with Bluegrass Greensource today!

For more information contact: Pattie Stivender –