Going to the Source: Helping Central Kentuckians Understand the Basis of Their Energy Supply

There has been much in the news about energy issues, such as “clean coal” and mountain top removal mining. We will continue to educate Kentucky’s students about this important topic for their future, teaching them about both the positive and negative aspects of using coal. As future leaders, today’s students need to be knowledgeable so they can make informed decisions in their lives today and in the future.

Greensource’s environmental educators will work with 25 teachers to teach a series of experiential classroom activities, each aligned to Kentucky’s Core Academic Standards (KCAS). These activities will help students learn about coal’s role in the economies of Kentucky and the nation, the historical and cultural aspects of coal production, and the environmental challenges related to the production and use of coal. The activities will also enable students to explore the feasibility of alternative energy resources and their role in meeting the energy needs of Kentucky and the nation and the importance of conservation and energy efficiency in offsetting the rising demands of energy in KY.

A minimum of four classroom activities will be conducted for each participating teacher’s classes. Topics for these activities include alternative energy sources and the impacts of coal on Kentucky’s culture, economy, and environment.

Program Highlights:

The program consists of two components:

All participating Classrooms:

Experiential education in classrooms – Four classroom lessons aligned to KY educational standards


Elementary School Classrooms:

Field trip for students to coal and/or energy facilities

Middle and High School Classrooms:

Energy discussion and job fair to be held at Transylvania University in May 2015

For more information about this FREE Educational opportunity contact:

Pattie Stivender, Education Coordinator

Phone: 859-266-1572

E-mail: pattie@bggreensource.org

Funding for this program is provided by the Department for Energy Development and Independence.

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Bluegrass Greensource Brings STEM Education to Schools

STEM Education photoToo often students struggle to see ‘real world’ applications of Science, Technology, Energy, and Math (STEM) but through Bluegrass Greensource’s hands on activities in area classrooms, students are able to understand and relate.  Our classroom activities encourage students to explore, question, analyze, and even create products used in their everyday lives.

Thanks to a grant funded by the Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence (DEDI), Bluegrass Greensource was able to help local students better understand STEM by teaching them about coal  (its history, economy, and environmental impacts) and about alternative energy sources.

Recently, students at Lincoln County Middle School explored and analyzed alternative energy sources while conducting a Wind Turbine Lab.  With this activity, students reviewed designs of a typical windmill and its blades.  Students were then asked to brainstorm and design their own turbine blade. They examined and considered different shapes, sizes, and materials.   When their design was ready, students began assembling their wind turbine kit and building the blades.  Once assembled, students tested how quickly the turbines rotated using a digital voltage meter. If needed, students were encouraged to go back to the drawing board and reconfigure their designs.

As the students study and analyze their results, their hands-on lab experience gives them a better understanding of STEM’s components and Greensource is able to capture students’ attention and help them learn how to apply this new found knowledge to their daily lives.

For more information about our school programs, go to www.bggreensource.org/pk-12.