Thanks to funding from the Department for Energy Development and Independence, Bluegrass Greensource is offering FREE coal education again this year!

There has been much in the news about energy issues, such as “clean coal”, and mountain top removal mining. Bluegrass Greensource continues to educate Kentucky’s students about this important topic for their future, teaching the positive and negative aspects of using coal. Today’s students are our future leaders, and they need this knowledge to make informed decisions today and in the future.

This energy education program will begin with a two day energy tour for teachers.  BGGS educators will follow-up with a minimum of four classroom lessons on energy resources.  Ten schools will receive funding to take their students on an energy related field trip.  There is no cost to the school to participate in any part of the program.

For more information contact:
Pattie Stivender
Education Coordinator
Bluegrass Greensource