Get Outside pictures


Over 100 pledged to Get Outdoors in 2014 through our annual New Year’s Resolution Program, and Bluegrass Greensource would like to congratulate Joshua Saxton for winning the $100 gift card from Kentucky State Parks!

We would like to thank the following people who agreed to publically commit to  Get Outdoors in 2014 — Stephanie Vihlidal, Kenna Phelps, Laurie Davison, Lauren Monahan, Shanda Cecil, Christina Zavos, Melinda W., Ashley Osborne, Roberta Burnes, Alyse Garrard, Kenya Stump, Burley Thomas, Lori Minter, Eric Comley, Robin Stewart, Jamison Barton, Tracy C, Suzanna Weisenfeld, Beth Kelly, Nicholas Larkey, Jeri Howell, Hannelore Elliot, Tanya Ewing, Gayle Bourne, Linda Johnson, Mark Tower, Trudy Robards, Leann Brown, Chris Tyler, Charlie Lanter, Joyce Fister-Daley, Rachel Ford, Sabrina Oaks, Karen Hatter, Melody, Jaci Williams, Kathryn Turbek, Amy Sohner, Gene Slusher, Storey Slone, Chris Woolery, Eamonn FritzGerald, Amanda Black, Jennifer Mitchell, Bill Settles, Joey Svec, Joshua Saxton, Ashley, Mike Reed, Anita Courtney, Paula Dunn, Dawna Scripps, Cheryl Pena, and Jan McKinney.