Sustainable Living Needs Sustainable Giving

toddlers with crayfish 3Small changes lead to big impacts.
At Bluegrass Greensource, we see this in action every day.
Providing support for schools to recycle leads to recycling rates more than doubling in one year. Supporting local businesses in implementing sustainability initiatives leads to reductions in energy usage and the amount of waste produced. Partnering with major events to help them achieve a Zero Waste status leads to significant amounts of materials being diverted from landfills and into recycling and compost streams.
These and other outreach activities lead to a healthier, stronger environment in Central Kentucky. But providing this support comes at a cost to Bluegrass Greensource.
One small change you can make that leads to big impacts is becoming a sustainable giver. By donating a little each month, you can turn $5 into $60, $15 into $180, or $25 into $300. You can provide a steady stream of support for Bluegrass Greensource’s outreach efforts and show your strong commitment to a greener, more sustainable Central Kentucky.
To learn more about how you can support Bluegrass Greensource and what your support will help us achieve, click here.
Bluegrass Greensource is also proud to partner with the Amazon Smile program. Now you can support Bluegrass Greensource every time you shop at Just click on the link to learn more and get started!


Tis the Season to GIVE

By Lisa Conley

Frankfort trash clean up

Remember when a toy required no batteries and did not include a screen? Albert Einstein said “Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift.”  This holiday season, you could give that gift to classrooms of children right here in Central Kentucky through a donation to Bluegrass Greensource.

Our educators work tirelessly throughout the school year in over 230 schools to teach children in our community about the natural world- something most of us today see less and less of.  Our environmental activities include litter cleanups, watershed education using enviroscapes, organizing school green teams, helping students start vermicomposting/worm bins, and introducing students to Kentucky’s flora and fauna at outdoor events to name just a few.  Dunbar studentsWith your gift, we can introduce many more young people to the natural world.  A world where the gadgets and screens can have a rest and the mind can be free to explore.

A donation to Bluegrass Greensource will not only spread the gift of environmental education, but it can help you with that person who has everything already.  In the past, I have personally donated in the name of family. This was the perfect gift for them. There was no plastic and paper packaging to dispose of, no disappointment with another boring gift they didn’t really need, and we both had the pleasure of knowing the young people we might see at the grocery actually benefited from our gift.  Your one contribution’s impact could multiply across generations.  What other gift has this potential?

Montessori ResizedTo make your gift of education this year, please go to:

If you are a teacher who would like one of our educators to visit your classroom, please call us at 266-1572.  We also offer many environmental education materials for check-out at no cost.

‘Tis the season to give a gift that can change a life.