iGreenValentinesTrue Love Goes Green

Let’s show some love for our planet and make this Valentine’s Day green! We’ve got some ideas that will keep the romance alive and the energy waste minimal.  From buying that box of chocolates to planning the day,  here are some tips for every couple.

To save the planet and money, plan a romantic energy saving evening at home.  Turn down the thermostat and snuggle up to your loved one under a blanket for a romantic film or a quiet evening in front of the fireplace.  Leave the car in the driveway and have dinner at home too.  When planning dinner, consider incorporating local produce and/or local products. Your bottle of red or white may taste of fruit, chocolate, oak – but can you detect the hint of a healthier planet? Try an organic or local wine.

Set the mood and lose the electronics for a night.  Take some time to connect with each other.  Unplug all unnecessary appliances.  Turn off your cell and the computers and turn down the lights.  Soy or beeswax candles can create a romantic energy-saving ambiance.  Whether it be dinner by candlelight or drinks at sunset, soft lighting affects our emotions. Studies suggest that soft lighting evokes a calm feeling throughout our body and can also send the message of beauty, tranquility, and romance.

When you are getting ready for your night in, go ahead and get all dolled up with some eco-friendly products.  Blow dryers use a lot of electricity, so consider letting your locks go au naturale.

Many gifts have unique and valuable stories that can add to your relationship and help the world around you.  Many companies are now making gifts from recycled materials.  Instead of those cliche roses, try getting your significant other a seasonal arrangement of local blooms or a beautiful native potted plant.

Whether your love stands tall or is just beginning to bud, planting a tree is a great way to honor it and a meaningful gift that will last. The tree’s life is like the life of your love, and we don’t mean that in a cheesy way.  Trees also help reduce stormwater pollution while keeping your neighborhood looking great.

If your relationship is not quite ready for a tree, go for some organic fair trade chocolates or a homemade card.

We hope you will try some of these tips this Valentine’s Day!  Remember, true love goes green!  For more ideas on greening your Valentine’s Day, check out the Sierra’s Club Valentine’s Day page.