Become a Bluegrass Greensource Ambassador

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Bluegrass Greensource Ambassadors serve as representatives of Greensource at assigned outreach and education events.  These may include community fairs and festivals, neighborhood events, farmers markets, watershed festivals, etc.  We are focusing on two main areas at this time:

Zero Waste team members to assist at outreach events.  This may include coordinating with event planners and/or assisting at events.

Children’s outreach events.  Volunteers will work with Bluegrass Greensource staff to offer educational activities geared toward children.

Volunteers must demonstrate an ability to conduct themselves in a professional manner, willingness to learn details of Bluegrass Greensource’s programs and educational activities, and comfort communicating with the general public.

Bluegrass Greensource Ambassadors will be expected to attend a mandatory training that will cover Bluegrass Greensource’s programs and educational activities.

Interested in volunteering?  For additional information please contact Pattie Stivender, Volunteer Coordinator, at (859)266-1572 or


Having a Zero Waste Event Just Got Easier

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Are you planning an event and would like to reduce waste? Bluegrass Greensource can help! We now have a Zero Waste Guide that can help you reduce waste each step of the way, from recycling to composting.  In addition, if you are in Fayette County, you can check out “dual stream” waste containers to place at key locations around your event, and help you find support staff for your zero waste initiative through our newly formed “Zero Waste Team”.  And of course, if you are outside of Fayette County, or just don’t feel prepared to start composting at your event, we are happy to help you with recycling as well.

Are you looking for a fun way to volunteer to help reduce waste from community events? Join our Zero Waste Team listserve.  When we get a request for support for a zero waste initiative at a local event, we’ll send a message out to the listserve to find people who want to help.  It’s a great way to support community events and environmental stewardship while having fun!

To talk about options for your event, please contact Schuyler Warren at  For volunteer opportunities, please contact Pattie Stivender at


Move toward zero waste means changing the way we look at waste

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion about the possibility of making Lexington a zero-waste city. But what does that mean? Are we talking about never throwing anything away? Recycling every ounce of material that we use?

Actually, it means neither.

Instead, zero waste is the idea of significantly reducing the amount of waste produced by changing the way we look at waste. It includes rethinking before purchasing, reducing packaging, reusing materials to get the most use from them, looking at the waste we produce as a resource, recycling as much as possible, and composting our food waste and organics; thereby throwing very little material into the landfill.

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