Education Accolade

The education accolade recognizes organizations with a demonstrated dedication to community outreach and education on sustainability issues. Nominees should be engaged in impactful projects beyond their own organization, providing information, resources, and assistance to achieve greater sustainability in the broader community. Collaboration with other organizations is encouraged.

2013 Education Accolade Winner: Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council, for their role in energy use monitoring and behavior-based energy consumption reduction in the Fayette County Public Schools Central Office Building and LFUCG Phoenix Building.

Innovation Accolade

The innovation accolade recognizes organizations addressing sustainability issues with creative or groundbreaking problem-solving. Nominees should be successfully reducing energy and water consumption, reducing waste production, or otherwise minimizing their environmental footprint through use of unique practices, infrastructure, and/or technology.

2013 Innovation Accolade Winner: FoodChain, for their 7000 gallon aquaponic system demonstrating sustainable indoor food production.

Stewardship Accolade

The stewardship accolade recognizes organizations embracing environmental stewardship in all aspects of their business and operations. Nominees should integrate sustainable practices into both internal operations and the product or service they provide to the community at large.

2013 Stewardship Accolade Winner: Town Branch Tree Experts, Inc, for their dedication to organic- and holistic-based tree care, including fertilization and insect and disease control.