2016 Artistic Rain Barrels

The 2016 Artistic Rain Barrels are now available for purchase online!
Each rain barrel is $200 (with tax), with all proceeds benefiting Bluegrass Greensource’s environmental education activities throughout Central Kentucky. Check them out below!

Purchase yours today!

Click the button below to purchase your barrel! Remember the name of the barrel and select it from the drop down menu. Sales tax applies. Barrels must be picked up from Bluegrass Greensource offices, located at 835 National Avenue, Lexington, KY 40502.

Rain Barrel

What do rain barrels do for the environment?

Rain barrels connect to your downspout, decreasing the amount of rain that runs off your property, which aids in preventing water pollution and flooding. Every time it rains, unabsorbed water rushes to storm drains and directly to local waterways. This water carries with it pollutants such as pet waste, automotive fluids and fertilizer.

The water saved in rain barrels can be used for watering flowers, gardens and lawns all through the summer, even in times of drought. Reduced water demand will lower your use of municipal water supplies, saving you money!

There’s a rain barrel I LOVE, but I don’t want to purchase online. What do I do?

No problem! Please contact michelle@bggreensource.org to purchase, or call our office at 859-266-1572.

Can I purchase a plain rain barrel?

Yes! Bluegrass Greensource sells rain barrels year round. The rain barrels are made out of plastic, 55 gallon, reused, food grade barrels. The price for one is $75, plus tax. If you are interested in buying a rain barrel from Bluegrass Greensource, call Michelle at 859-266-1572 or email either Michelle@bgGreensource.org or info@bgGreensource.org.