What are ‘Artistic Rain Barrels’?

In Fall of 2015, Bluegrass Greensource commissioned local artists to design and paint fully functional rain barrels, inspired by the theme of Kentucky’s rich horse culture and horseracing. After considering proposals, Bluegrass Greensource selected 10 original designs and the artists set to work. The results are pretty spectacular!

What do the Rain Barrels do for the environment?

Rain barrels connect to your downspout, decreasing the amount of rain that runs off your property, which aids in preventing water pollution and flooding.  Every time it rains, unabsorbed water rushes to storm drains and directly to local waterways.  This water carries with it pollutants such as pet waste, automotive fluids and fertilizer.

The water saved in rain barrels can be used for watering flowers, gardens and lawns all through the summer, even in times of drought.  Reduced water demand will lower your use of municipal water supplies, saving you money!

Where can I see the Rain Barrels up close?

The 2016 Rain Barrels are currently on display in high-traffic coffee shops and local businesses, including the Kentucky Horse Park and the Kentucky Theatre. Click here to view our interactive map of all of the 2016 locations!

We’ll reunite all of the rain barrels at GreenFest, on May 21st, 2016, where they will be available for purchase! Each rain barrel is $200, with all proceeds benefiting Bluegrass Greensource’s environmental education activities throughout Central Kentucky.

The public display of the rain barrels serves as a reminder of the importance of proper stormwater management and the small changes individuals can make at home to improve local water quality!

There’s a rain barrel I LOVE, but I won’t be at GreenFest- can I buy it later?

Yes! Please contact to purchase after May 21st.