What Do 96, 55, 15, and 29 Have in Common?


Do you believe in the importance of environmental education? Do you think it should be taught in every school in Kentucky? If you do, you share the same core value as 96% of your fellow Kentuckians who feel the same.

However, if you do share this belief, you may be one of the 45% of Kentuckians who cannot answer basic questions about how our natural systems work.

Bridging the gap between the 55% of Kentuckians who have a basic understanding of how our natural systems work and the 96% who believe that environmental education should be taught in our schools requires a collective, community effort to reach both youth and adults as early and often as possible.

For 15 years, Bluegrass Greensource has bridged this gap in Central Kentucky communities by working to empower individuals who want to create a more sustainable environment. Each year we work in more than 4,000 classrooms to provide standards-based environmental education curricula on the science of water, waste, and energy. We work in communities throughout Central Kentucky to help adults and youth take the small steps in their daily lives that will add up to big impacts on our shared environment. But providing this service comes at a price.

good-giving-guide-logoYou can help! From November 29th through December 31st, Bluegrass Greensource will be actively participating in the 2016 GoodGiving Challenge. We will be raising funds to support our educational and community outreach, funds that will allow us to provide services throughout our 20-county service area. We have a lot of exciting activities and information to share, as well as some great events that you can participate in!

So stay tuned, check in with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and help support our efforts to educate and empower Central Kentucky communities to become more sustainable! Click here to bookmark our GoodGiving Challenge profile, where you can make a donation to directly support our work starting November 29th. 

Help us celebrate our 15th anniversary and show your belief in the value of environmental education by making a donation during this year’s GoodGiving Challenge!