No school year is complete without a field trip or two and the Bluegrass Greensource educators have been happily out in the field (quite literally) this month! In partnership with the Live Green Lexington education program, we have taken students on virtual field trips all across Fayette County. First graders explored McConnell Springs to learn about trees and the wildlife they support. They were able to look inside the hollow 300 year old bur oak tree which is not only older than Lexington itself, but home to raccoons, snakes, birds, and an infinite number of insects. The second grade classes toured the compost pad with LFUCG’s Joe Brenzel. He explained how yardwaste is brought in to be composted back into nutrient-rich soil. The second grade series focuses on soil superheros (decomposers) so it was great to see that process in action! Third graders joined Joe on a trip to the Materials Recovery Facility for an inside look at how our recycling is sorted and shipped. Our third graders are now recycling experts! The fourth grade classes took virtual trips to FloraCliff Nature Preserve with the director, Beverly James, and citizen scientist, Dan Patrick. Students observed both chemical and biological assessments of the water quality in Elk Lick Creek. Educators Kara Sayles and Rachel Patton did a great job of demonstrating how pH, nitrates, and dissolved oxygen are important indicators of water’s immediate quality. Then we walked upstream where Dan and Beverly rounded up some amazing macroinvertebrates like crayfish, caddisflies, water pennies, and scuds. These give us a bigger picture of the water system’s long term health. We are so appreciative of all our community partners and the exciting and engaging opportunities they help us provide for our students!