Bluegrass Greensource Staff Tour Rumpke Facility

A group from Bluegrass Greensource had the pleasure of touring the Rumpke Material Recovery Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio on February 19th.  Each day Rumpke takes in tons of unsorted recycling and uses some very skilled people and amazing technology to sort everything that makes its way into the facility.   When Rumpke’s old recycling facility burned to the ground in 2012, they committed to building a bigger, better, more efficient facility. This new facility includes six optical scanners, two electromagnetic eddy currents, hundreds of spinning discs as well as nearly 100 employees to sort 500 tons of material daily. Rumpke isn’t stopping there; they hope to have the facility running 24/7 and bring the facility up to maximum sorting capacity.

If you would like to schedule a tour of Rumpke, please visit

rumpke1Rumpke Tour Guide gives Deputy Director Maxine Rudder, Development and PR Coordinator Chris Clabes, and Board Member Babette Overman an overview of the sorting process from the observation deck.














Tour guide explains how the many spinning discs separate out the plastic bottles while the cardboard slides across the top of the discs.














This Optical Scanner separates out cartons and plastic bottles from the other recyclables.

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