Call To Artists


Bluegrass Greensource seeks  local artists to create works of art on fully functional rain barrels.  This year, the theme for all barrels will be horseracing, and we need you to put your artistic spin on one of only 10 barrels.


Thousands of people will be exposed to your artwork throughout April and May of next year.  Each barrel will be displayed, along with artist bios and contact information in high volume areas throughout Central Kentucky.  Examples of past display locations include Starbucks on Main Street in Lexington, Magees Bakery and The Hub Coffee Shop in Georgetown.

All rain barrel artists’ contact information will be promoted to supporters who buy plain barrels and who participate in rain barrel making workshops to potentially provide future work.

Additionally, because of the theme, Bluegrass Greensource is actively working to have all of the barrels on display at Keeneland during their spring meet.


Barrels will be displayed in various locations throughout April and May of 2016.  All barrels will be brought together during Bluegrass Greensource’s annual event, GreenFest on May 21st,and will be sold to help fund Bluegrass Greensource’s environmental education activities throughout our region.


  • Submit a rough sketch of your racing barrel idea by November 30, 2015
    • For reference, these are 55 gallon drums that measure 34 1/4 inches tall and 23 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • Artists will be selected and barrels can be picked up on December 15, 2015
  • Completed barrels MUST be returned to Bluegrass Greensource by February 1, 2016
  • Artist Responsibilities
    • Priming the barrel
    • Creating a functional, attractive piece of art that can withstand the weather
      • Acrylic paint works best and artists are not allowed to adhere anything (such as paper, tiles, etc.) to the barrels
      • To help with planning, the spigot is the front of the rain barrel, and the back is usually against a wall.
    • Submit supporting information, including the title of the work, artist’s bio, contact information and a short interpretation of the work at the same time (or before) as the barrel.
  • Bluegrass Greensource Responsibilities
    • $50 will be given to each artist to help defray the cost of supplies
    • Professionally topcoat each barrel
    • Work with local media to give as much exposure to this program as possible


Bluegrass Greensource is THE source for all things green in Central Kentucky, encouraging small steps toward a sustainable future for our communities.  Formerly known as Bluegrass PRIDE, Bluegrass Greensource is a non-profit organization that provides education and resources on how we affect our environment. Since 2001, we have provided outreach to schools, community groups, businesses, local governments, and citizens throughout Central Kentucky.

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