PattieBy: Pattie Stivender,
Education Director

Bluegrass Greensource educators are energizing students across Central Kentucky as we start our annual classroom energy education program! Our educators work closely with teachers to provide lessons that align with Kentucky Academic Standards and are engaging for students. We continue to offer classroom activities that focus on Kentucky’s energy sources, including renewable energy, energy audits, and engaging classroom lessons. However, this year has some exciting changes!

Our educators are working with 12 Kentucky Energy for Youth (KEY) Teams to provide more intensive energy education at the elementary level. These teams will act as energy ambassadors for their schools and will have the opportunity to travel to Eastern Kentucky to learn about coal mining and its history. Students will then plan an energy assembly to share what they’ve learned with the entire fourth and fifth grades at their school.

Bluegrass Greensource_Energy Education_Home Energy
Student assembling an Energy House, a lesson designed to demonstrate to energy savings gained from proper insulation.

Although we have targeted only 12 schools for the KEY program, we still have availability for just classroom energy education for other schools. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Pattie Stivender ( for more information.

What are teachers saying about our energy program?

“The energy program offered through Bluegrass Greensource has provided effective support to our science content. They add to the classroom additional information and resources to make learning memorable!”

– Britney Spicer, 4th grade Science Teacher at Westbridge Elementary School

How do our educators feel about this program?

“What I love most about our energy education program is the way that we engage the students in their learning. By getting the students up and moving, we focus on full-body learning and we make sure no student is left out. We give students unique challenges and aid them as they struggle to find the best solutions. Whether they are acting out the flow of energy all the way from the sun to our light bulbs or trying to find the best way to design a blade so that their wind turbine generates the most electricity, students are having fun and learning a lesson that they certainly won’t forget.”

-Danny Woolums, Bluegrass Greensource Environmental Educator

Kentucky Energy for Youth Teams are funded by the Department for Energy Development and Independence. Classroom education for this program is funded by Toyota.