By Melissa Smedley, Second Grade Teacher, Eastern Elementary School, Georgetown

In Science class, second graders at Eastern Elementary School have been taught about alternative forms of energy. They have discussed natural energy sources including water, wind, and the sun. This study, however, took on a very real and delicious meaning to second graders this week.

Bluegrass Greensource is a nonprofit organization which uses grants to fund various environmental education projects for public school students. Through this organization, and with the help of Mrs. Pattie Stivender, second grade classes used solar ovens to make S’mores. Each child created their own packet of deliciousness including graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Then, each child observed the construction of a solar oven. When their packets were placed in the oven, and the ovens were placed in the sunlight, the oven went to work melting the marshmallows and chocolate into ooey-gooey goodness. After lunch, of course, each child delighted in their creation and was much more aware of what solar energy is capable of doing for us.

Pictured: Callie Paynter, Allie Kemper, and Fred McNeel from Mrs. Smedley’s class proudly carry the solar ovens.