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Recycle Bowl photoCompetition “Can” Increase Recycling

 Public and private school students in Fayette County collected more than 146,000 aluminum cans for recycling during this year’s Recycle-Bowl. In terms of weight, students collected 4,180 pounds of aluminum beverage cans for the contest.

The competition challenged schools in Fayette County to collect and recycle as many aluminum beverage cans as possible from October 21 – November 15. Students from 19 Fayette County schools competed to see which schools could collect the most cans for recycling. This is the eighth consecutive year Lexington schools have participated in an aluminum can recycling competition.

Wise Recycling, Central Kentucky Fiber, the Keep Lexington Beautiful Commission, and the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s Division of Waste Management contributed monetary prizes to reward the schools. Additionally, schools were paid by the pound for the cans they recycled through Wise Recycling and Baker Iron and Metal.

The schools that collected and recycled the highest number of cans per student in their respective size category received $750 each. The six schools that collected the most cans regardless of their student size category received $450 each. Schools were eligible to receive only one monetary prize.

The winning schools and the prizes they earned are:

1st place winners: 
Lexington Family Care Center, $750 
Russell Cave Elementary, $750 
Wellington Elementary, $750 

Other winners: 
Ashland Elementary, $450 
Cardinal Valley Elementary, $450 
Christ the King School, $450 
Lexington Universal Academy, $450 
Montessori Middle School, $450 
Sayre School, $450 



Greensource Brings STEM Education to SchoolsSTEM Education photo

Too often students struggle to see ‘real world’ applications of Science, Technology, Energy and Math (STEM) but through Bluegrass Greensource’s hands on activities in area classrooms, students are able to understand and relate.  Our classroom activities encourage students to explore, question, analyze and even create products used in their everyday lives.

Thanks to a grant funded by the Department of Energy Development and Independence (DEDI), Bluegrass Greensource was able to help local students better understand STEM by teaching them about coal  (it’s history, economy, and environmental impacts) and about alternatives energy sources. 

Recently, students at Lincoln County Middle School explored and analyzed alternative energy sources while conducting a Wind Turbine Lab.  With this activity, students reviewed designs of a typical windmill and its blades.  Students were then asked to brainstorm and design their own turbine blade. They examined and considered different shapes, sizes and material.   When their design was ready, students began assembling their wind turbine kit and building the blades.  Once assembled, students test how quickly the turbines rotate using a digital voltage meter. If needed, students are encouraged to go back to the drawing board and reconfigure their designs.   

As the students study and analyze their results, their hands-on Lab experience gives them a better understanding of STEM’s components and Greensource is able to capture students’ attention and help them learn how to apply this new found knowledge to their daily lives.



Talking about Green Jobs in Boyle CountyBate College and Career Fair photo

Over 300 students from Danville City Schools attended the Bate Middle School College and Career Fair on December 19th and learned about green careers.  Bluegrass Greensource partnered with Bate Middle School and the Danville Career Pathways Coach to educate students about their college and career opportunities.  In addition to learning about different colleges and military opportunities, students also learned about green jobs and green businesses right here in Central Kentucky.

The goal of the Greensource’s Green Jobs Program is to educate guidance counselors and students about the growing green economy so that students will be pursue green careers. Green careers offer students well-paying jobs that also benefit the environment.  Our Green Jobs Program, funded by the Americorps VISTA, plans to partner with other schools to host career fairs where green jobs will be highlighted.

If you would like more information about our Green Jobs Program, please contact Ashley Bryant Cheney at vista@bggreensource.org or (859) 266-1572.





Ashley photoAshley Bryant Cheney Joins Our Team

Greensource would like to welcome Ashley Bryant Cheney as our new Green Jobs Coordinator through Americorps VISTA.  Ashley grew up in rural Alabama and credits her rural upbringing and time spent on her grandparent’s farm with influencing her concerns for the environment. She moved to Knoxville, Tennessee to attend Carson-Newman University in 2004.  While in Tennessee, she worked at numerous non-profit organizations doing volunteer management, program development, and fundraising.  The time she spent living near the Smoky Mountains only furthered her love and appreciation of the natural world.

While attending Carson-Newman University and later the Eastern University in Philadelphia, Ashley researched issues related to environmental conservation, urban homesteading, and community gardening and served on the board of directors for Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center. She moved to Kentucky in July and is enjoying all that Lexington has to offer. 

Ashley is excited to be developing the new Green Jobs Program for Bluegrass Greensource and is looking forward to working with green businesses and area high schools to connect the young workforce with the growing green job market.  She is a great addition to our team!




Local Apartment: New Look, New Outlook for Recycling100 chevy chase appts

 Many things are new at 100 Chevy Chase Apartment Homes- a new name, management, look, and now the shift to become a “greener” home for its residents. Located at 100 Lakeshore Drive the apartment homes just off Richmond Road are visibly different due to new paint and the placement of many blue Rosie recycling containers. Less visible are the changes inside the complex. With Community Manager Jason Whitehouse at the helm the complex is taking steps to become a greener apartment complex. Bluegrass Greensource and LFUCG were invited to their first holiday party on Dec. 19 to discuss recycling, energy efficiency, and water conservation with residents. Over 20 residents stopped by and learned about services offered to them and opportunities to live a bit greener in 2014.

Plans to create a comprehensive recycling program and the formation of a green team will begin in 2014 as more residents move into the complex. An October 2013 stream cleanup for the creek running alongside the Richmond Road side of the property was successful and future stream clean-ups are likely. Whitehouse hopes the space alongside the creek will be utilized by tenants looking to enjoy a bit of nature in the city instead of the creek merely existing as a backdrop. The creek affords the possibility for environmental education opportunities for young tenants like micro-invertebrate outdoor days and storm water education. These efforts will not only help the complex become greener, but will also build a sense of community with residents – something Whitehouse strongly supports.

Bluegrass Greensource is here to assist those seeking to create a recycling program or make their apartments greener.  Nearly every apartment complex has a group of residents interested in minimizing their ecological footprint. The key is finding this group of engaged, participatory residents and showing them how best to utilize their skills and time. Site specifics, resident participation, and the community’s desires are incorporated into any recycling program to maximize success. If you know of, or manage an apartment complex and would like to see changes to your recycling and green mission, contact us at Bluegrass Greensource for no-cost assistance (859)266-1572.




Volunteer photoBecome a Bluegrass Greensource Ambassador

Bluegrass Greensource Ambassadors serve as representatives of BG Greensource at assigned outreach and education events.  These may include community fairs and festivals, neighborhood events, farmers markets, watershed festivals, etc.  We are focusing on two main areas at this time:

Zero Waste team members to assist at outreach events.  This may include coordinating with event planners and/or assisting at events.

Children’s outreach events.  Volunteers will work with Bluegrass Greensource staff to offer educational activities geared toward children.

Volunteers must demonstrate an ability to conduct themselves in a professional manner, willingness to learn details of Bluegrass Greensource’s programs and educational activities, and comfort communicating with the general public.

Bluegrass Greensource Ambassadors will be expected to attend a mandatory training that will cover Bluegrass Greensource’s programs and educational activities.

Interested in volunteering?  For additional information please visit our website or contact:


Pattie Stivender
Volunteer Coordinator
Bluegrass Greensource
3120 Pimlico Pkwy, Ste 126
Lexington, KY 40517


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Amy Sohner
Executive Director
Bluegrass Greensource







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