The Live Green Lexington School program has been in full force this semester with virtual waste reduction and water quality lessons. Students use interactive Google Slides, videos, 3D tours of watersheds, and so much more as they explore their local environment. Technology has provided so many opportunities- there is a list of never-ending options for educators and students to learn online.

One of the most exciting new parts of the virtual Middle and High School program is the “Ask an Expert” – Career Panel. Following their classroom lessons, students from each participating Upper-Level school have had an opportunity to listen to and speak with a panel of local experts in water quality or waste reduction focused careers. These culminating events have a lasting impact. According to experts at ACT, students who develop education and career knowledge and skills are likely to “have expanded education and career knowledge, make education and career decisions that better fit them, increase their motivation to learn and achieve, and experience more positive outcomes in both school and work settings.”

Here’s what SCAPA science teacher Ashlie Arkwright has to say about the Ask an Expert Career Panel: “It is important to give students the opportunity to hear from members of our community whose careers relate to topics we address in class. Students often become aware of careers they have never heard of before as a result of experiences such as this. And given the fact that many students are currently not interacting with as many community members during their daily lives, virtual experiences such as the ones that Bluegrass Greensource provides are even more valuable and appreciated.” Addie, a SCAPA 7th grader stated, “The career panel was awesome!  I learned so much from the visitors that Mrs. Sayles had. We learned all about the sanitary sewers and storm sewers. I am so happy that we got to hear from career panelists.”

The student and teacher sum it up well. One goal of the Environmental Education efforts through the Live Green Lexington Program is to help students discover the careers that are available to them in our city and beyond. When students have these experiences early on, they can guide them in making decisions and plans about their educational opportunities, and eventually careers.