Malissa McAlister photo

Malissa McAlister’s term as chairman of the board for Bluegrass Greensource has come to a close, but she will continue to volunteer her time with us.  At the recent Rain Barrel Reception, Malissa reflected on how she first got involved. “I remember attending an informational meeting in Danville back in 2001,” she recalled.  “I felt this was just the type of organization that was needed in Central Kentucky to reach out to residents about why it’s necessary to care for our natural environment and teach us how everyone can do their part, no matter how small.”

Malissa currently works at UK’s Water Resources Research Institute as the Kentucky River Basin Coordinator. In 2006, she joined the board as a representative of the water quality profession. She has enjoyed watching the staff captivate school audiences with demonstrations on the importance of green lifestyle choices. During her time as Chairman, she watched the results of the various environmental grants to numerous schools and communities–from outdoor classrooms, to nature trails, to recycling bins, and to energy efficient lighting – make positive changes for cleaner living environments.

“It has been so satisfying to be a part of the maturation of this organization–to the point where it now needs a new name to capture the breadth of its mission!” Malissa stated.  “Bluegrass Greensource was selected as a

fitting name, because we seek to serve as THE source of information about ways that citizens, communities and businesses can implement “green” practices that protect and enhance the beauty and natural resources that are so critical to our lives here in Central Kentucky.”

Thank you, Malissa, for your continued support and service.