Bluegrass Greensource has crowned three winners for their annual artistic rain barrel contest.

Online winner "When Roosters Cry" (Photo from BG)

Online winner “When Roosters Cry” (Photo from BG)

Stephen Wiggins won “fan favorite” for the online vote competition for his barrel called “When Roosters Cry.” This is Wiggins’ third consecutive year to win the online vote. During a reception and silent auction featuring 20 painted rain barrels, Stefan Hullinger’s barrel “Make Your Mark” was the “favorite” and Roni Gilpins’ barrel “Happy Cows” went for the highest price in the silent auction.
Reception favorite "Make Your Mark" (Photo by BG)

Reception favorite “Make Your Mark” (Photo by BG)

The annual event is intended to raise awareness about the importance of water stewardship while also raising funds to support Bluegrass Greensource’s environmental programs in Central Kentucky.

“This year’s competition was very exciting. People came from all over Central Kentucky to see the artists’ work in person and participate in competition,” said Amy Sohner, executive director of BG. “We are already looking forward to next year’s event.”
Highest silent auction bid "Happy Cows" (Photo by BG)

Highest silent auction bid “Happy Cows” (Photo by BG)

If interested in participating in next year’s rain barrel event, contact Michelle Patterson at 859-266-1572.

Bluegrass Greensource (formerly Bluegrass PRIDE) is an environmental non-profit organization that offers resources and educational information to foster positive environmental change. Founded in 2001, Greensource provides outreach to schools, community groups, businesses, local government and the citizens in Central Kentucky.

This article appeared in KY Forward on August 14, 2013.