Having a ‘green’ green lawn is possible when grass is healthy and happy

It is almost mid-June and I have not touched my lawn. What I mean is that I have not paid one bit of attention to making it lush and soft and green. Not “green” like environmentally responsible, but “green” like the color.

This is not abnormal for me. I do not mow, I do not fertilize and I do not worry about weeds in my lawn. However, now that my 10-month-old is crawling around and all but refuses to put one bare knee in our lawn, I am starting to reconsider.

There are many ways that the gender roles in my house are reversed. For the time being, I am the breadwinner, and my husband is in charge of kids, cleaning and cooking. The one thing that remains gender-typical is yard work. My husband bought a gas-guzzling riding lawn mower (used!) when we first moved to our eight-plus acres of paradise, and he has been in charge of mowing ever since. I do have to point out that 95 percent of our land is covered in trees, so mowing is not an insurmountable task.

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