Rain Garden Opportunities in Fayette County

10733974_10152829581399309_5885192946187560566_nBluegrass Greensource will be offering Rain Garden Workshops this fall to neighborhood associations and homeowner groups in Fayette County.  Attendees of the workshop will be eligible for a $250 grant to construct a rain garden at their own home.

A rain garden is a garden with a shallow depression that captures runoff from impervious surfaces, such as rooftops, patios, driveways, and parking lots, before it enters the storm water system. The soil and plant roots improve water quality by filtering pollutants and reducing the amount of stormwater runoff.  The water easily infiltrates into the soil because of the deep roots of the native plants and recharges the groundwater supply.

The workshops are designed to educate homeowners about the benefits of installing a rain garden, improving water quality, and the best management practices for stormwater. Participants will learn how to determine the right location for their rain garden, how to build and maintain a rain garden, and what types of native plants are most successful and environmentally beneficial.

Grant are on a first come, first serve basis, and groups must schedule and host a workshop with Bluegrass Greensource before September 25, 2015. To schedule a workshop for your group and learn more about the grant, please contact Kara Sayles at Kara@bgGreensource.org or at (859)266-1572.

Interested in viewing established rain gardens in Central Kentucky? View our interactive map!

This work was funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under §319(h) of the Clean Water Act.

Rain Garden Opportunities

Rain Garden Tour

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